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Sept - Dec 2012

December 7th 2012


Well.........................................................where to start, a busy 3 months to catch up on!!


Gino has been giving us a great time and completed his JW in record quick time from his first puppy class,  going back to Darlington he won MPD & BPD under breed specialist Moa Pearson (Rossmix), next up was Driffield where he triumphed in the Puppy Stakes on Gundog day under Ernie Patterson!


Next up was Belfast, Gino was BPIB under Mrs Ann Moss, won the puppy group under Mr Rob McMasters and BPIS under Mr Tom Mather!! A very special weekend!


At the Yellow LRC Gino again won his class under Linda Harvey Major.


Next up was Gundog Breeds of Scotland Ch Show the boy triumphed in MPD and Novice and went on to another BPIS under Mr Stephen Hollings!!  See the cover page photo!


At the WELRC Ch Show under Mr Richard Morris, Gino won both his class and finished the day as BPD & RBPIS only to the eventual BIS winner!


Gino has also been hitting the highlights at Open Shows, he was BPIS at the LRC of Wales Open Show under Brenda Hutchinson, at Llanelli and District he was BOB & BP under Judith Carruthers, won G1 & PG1 and ultimately BPIS under Moray Armstrong.  At Neath & Port Talbot Gino was again BOB & BP, G1 & PG1 under Tom Graham and then went BPIS under Christina Chapman.   At Weston Super Mare Gino continued his good run winning BOB & BP under Joanne Blackburn Bennett, G4 and PG1 under Andrew Brace.  Finally at Treharris, Gino was BOB,BP, G2 and PG1 under Gail Brodie and finished the day as RBPIS under Peter Jolley.


Olly shown on a more limited basis won Limit and his second RCC at Gundo Breeds of Scotland, at the Yellow LRC Ch Show he was second in Limit only to the eventual CC winner.


Dillon continued his winning ways adding another BIS at Vale of Glamorgan Open Show, qualified for the KC Junior Warrant Semi Finals at Earls Court and won his 4th RCC under Martin Freeman at Darlington.


Also added is a new page added for Lottie and also an update to our planned litter pages.


September 5th 2012


Most exciting news is the addition of Gino....a special boy Tara's first born to the beautiful Darcy, we only had one but she hasn't let us down, he is featured on the cover page and also has a page of his own now too :-) 


Gino went to two open shows last week to dip his toes, at Blackwood he was BOB & BP and went on to PG1 under Mr David Everington, we never made it to BPIS as the BIS and RBIS were both puppies!  


Next up was Ponurdulais where Gino was again BOB & BP, this time he went on to Group 2, PG1 under Mr Hughes and RBPIS under Mike Vines so off to a great start! :-) 


At City of Birmingham Gino was well placed in his breed class under Linda Miles (Llanstinan) and then triumphed in the huge Puppy Stakes class of 51 under Mrs Jill Peak.  He was beaten by the lovely Boston for the best of the day.


Dillon held the side up at WKC picking up his third RCC under Mrs Chris Oatridge and still not two years of age! 


Exciting litter plans coming soon!