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January 2015

Well its 2015 already!!! Here's a quick round up of 2014 ;)


Next up was Scotland, Richard only took Gino as Ed was judging on the same day.  Worth the trip, Gino won his 4th CC & BOB under Gordon Talbot and was shortlisted down to the last six in a strong Gundog group under Mrs Meriel Hathaway.  Bath came next, Gino topped another strong Limit class and ended the day with another RCC, his fourth under Mrs Heather Wiles-Fone.  At Three Counties Gino continued his winning ways in Limit Dog and ended the day with his 5th RCC under judge Mr Mike Gadsby.  On to Blackpool and what a day that was to be, Gino up with the big boys topped a strong Open class before going on to his 5th CC and BOB under Jenny Miller before ending the day with Group 1 under Mrs Freda Marshall!! Thank you everyone for the all the support Gino received, it made it a truly memorable weekend!


July was a good month for Gino, he added another RCC to his collection from Mrs Julia Lewis at Windsor, won the CC & BOB at East of England under Mr Moray Armstrong and finished the day with a group shortlist under Mr Keith Young.  He finished the month with another RCC under Mr David Hopkinson at Leeds.  Dillon also added another RCC to his collection at Leeds under Mrs Donna Whincup, taking his total to 8!


The busy summer continued with Dillon adding his 9th RCC at the British Dalmatian Club under Mrs Brenda Smith, before winning his 1st CC under Mr Sid Bolt at Bournemouth.


Into August and at City of Birmingham Gino triumphed in Labrador dogs taking his CC total to 7. At the Yellow Labrador Club Championship show he won the CC under Mr Dan Ericsson before finishing the day as BIS under referee Mrs Sussie Wiles.  At Belfast both Gino and Doug added RCC's and Dillon won his 2nd CC under Mrs Patsy Hollings.


Driffield saw Doug win yet another RCC under judge Mrs Valarie Foss.  The following weekend whislt Richard judged dogs at the Northumberland & Durham LRC, Ed took Gino to the back to back IKC International Championship Shows where he won back to back GS, CACIB & BOB both days and Doug also won GS, CACIB and BOB on day two.


At South Wales both the homebred boys Dillon and Gino won the RCC taking their totals to 10 and 8 respectively.


GBAS came next and Gino took his 9th CC and BOB under Mr Peter Berchtold (Austria) before going on to Group 3 under Mr Dan Ericsson.


Finally at LKA Dillon won his third CC under Mr Alan Beeston to a huge cheer! :)


All in all 2014 was another great year with Gino winning his title, Championship show groups here and in Ireland and finishing the year as TOP LABRADOR 2014, his first progeny are coming of age and are looking very exciting.  Dillon took his title after 10 RCC, Doug also won the group at WELKS and one in Ireland and James finished his Irish title in record time at 15 months and a week!


2015 sees some exciting plans underway, some promising youngsters to debut, and some very interesting litters expected :) :)